Nouman Khan's Biography

Nouman Khan's Biography
Feb 2023

Nouman Khan

Nouman Khan's Biography

Who is Nouman Khan?
Nouman Khan is a entertainer from pakistan also known The Legend.
What is Nouman Khan's nationality?
Nouman Khan holds pakistani citizenship.
What is Nouman Khan's religion?
Nouman Khan practices the religion of ıslam (sunni) .
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What is Nouman Khan's physical appearance?

Height: 5’ feet 7” inches (1.70 m)
Weigh: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Hair color: black (wears wig)
Eyes color: black
What is Nouman Khan's education and career?
What is Nouman Khan's marital status is?
Nouman Khan is unmarried.
What are Nouman Khan's hobbies?
Nouman Khan's hobbies include dancing .
Where can I find Nouman Khan on social media?
Nouman Khan can be found on social media at