Daniel Trejo's Biography

Daniel Trejo's Biography
Mar 2023

Daniel Trejo

Daniel Trejo's Biography

Who is Daniel Trejo?
Daniel Trejo is a male actor, from echo park, los angeles, california, also known The Mayor.
When is Daniel Trejo's birthday?
Daniel Trejo was born on 1944-05-16.
What is Daniel Trejo's nationality?
Daniel Trejo holds american citizenship.
What is Daniel Trejo's zodiac sign?
Daniel Trejo's zodiac sign is taurus .
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What is Daniel Trejo's physical appearance?

Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m)
Weigh: 89 kg (195 lbs)
Hair color: black
Eyes color: brown
Shoe size: 10.5 (US)
What is Daniel Trejo's education and career?

College: Francis Polytechnic Senior High.
What is Daniel Trejo's marital status is?
Daniel Trejo is married.
What is Daniel Trejo's net worth 2023?
Daniel Trejo's net worth is USD $16 Million approx.
Who's the father of Daniel Trejo?
Daniel Trejo's father is dan trejo .
Who's the mother of Daniel Trejo?
Daniel Trejo's mother is alice rivera .
Who's the wife of Daniel Trejo?
Daniel Trejo's wife is debbie shreve (m. 1997–2009) .
Who is/are the daughter(s) of Daniel Trejo?
Daniel Trejo's daughter(s) is/are danielle trejo, .
Who is/are the son(s) of Daniel Trejo?
Daniel Trejo's son(s) is/are gilbert trejo, danny boy trejo, .
Where can I find Daniel Trejo on social media?
Daniel Trejo can be found on social media at Instagram , Twitter , Facebook , Wikipedia