Episode 78: All About Nuts

The Simple Ayurveda Podcast: Episode 78
This episode gives an overall understanding of the Ayurvedic perspective on nuts including allergies, cooking methods and the doshas.
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Mar 2020

Waves of Experience

I was on the train to Cinque Terre gazing out the window at the gorgeous waters of the Italian Riviera and reflecting on my travels. I realized how traveling is a vast ocean of lessons and helps bring...

May 2016

Learning Compassion Through Yoga

As humans we all experience judgment. There are many times where we can be incredibly quick to come to a conclusion about a person, a place, or a thing - often based off of a first glance - and while ...

Sep 2015

Real People, Real Yoga Stories

At Yoga Trade, we like to feature real people and real yoga stories. Yoga is for everyone, and how nice it is to get real and different perspectives from around the world. Here we catch up with the ul...

May 2015