Sanatan Dharma Hindu Temple


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Specialties: Sanatan Dharma Temple is a Hindu Temple with facilities which are available for organizing events,wedding, parties, entertainment and programs related to culture, arts and more. Temple have regular classes like YOGA, Meditation, Geeta, Dance, Kathak, Kannada and Education. Please contact facility manager to get more details. Established in 1997. Temple and Cultural center History: We started in 1996 and completed on 03-02-1997. A revised and restated by-laws of the 1988 Corporation to expand the scope of activity beyond the restrictive religious purpose only to comply with what we were already doing We also changed our social Organization Status of 1981 to include all activities and became a true non-profit for samaj in California. 07-09-1999 We approved to form HMPS Foundation having resolutions passed at general Meetings held on 5-9-1999 and on 5-29-1999. We formally adopted the New Corporation on 8-7-1999 Matiya Patidar Samaj Now became Owner of Two Corporations Hindu Matiya Patidar Samaj Inc. and HMPS Foundation.


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